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Not sure who or what to believe? You’re not alone! Every day we hear from celebrities, companies, commentators, organisations and politicians who tell us to change our lifestyle or buy a product, support a new policy or sign a petition. They come at us through advertising, in our Facebook feed, in the papers, online. How do we make sense of it all? 

Ask for Evidence is a public campaign that helps you to ask for the evidence behind health claims, news stories, ads and policies. We show you how to ask the right questions and how to understand different types of evidence. We’re here to help every step of the way – we can help you find the right person to ask; give you tips on questions to ask and how to spot good evidence; and help you to make sense of the answer you receive. 

We want to make companies, commentators and politicians take responsibility for the promises they make. If they want us to buy their products, believe them or vote for them then they should share the evidence they have to back up their promises. If we all keep asking, then sharing and talking about evidence will become the norm.

So if you want to know whether something you’ve seen or read is reliable, why not #AskforEvidence? 

Since the campaign began in 2011, thousands of people have asked for evidence on everything from fertility treatments and election manifestos to pet food nutrition and health apps. And they’ve got answers! Be part of the campaign to hold those making claims about our lives to account and share your stories. Keep us in the loop via email ask@senseaboutscience.org, on our Facebook page or Twitter @senseaboutsci using the hashtag #AskforEvidence.

Ask for Evidence was launched by Sense about Science, a charity that helps people to make sense of science and evidence and promotes the use of evidence in public life.

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