A “twit-twoo” treatment for sleep?

Freeman’s Homeopathic Pharmacy in Glasgow stocks over 3,400 remedies, including amniotic fluid and E. coli. A rather more unusual remedy, however, is the Homeopathic ‘Horned Owl’. Given that Freeman’s currently provides homeopathic treatments to NHS Bristol and NHS Glasgow, costing tens of thousands of pounds per year, I decided to find out just what homeopathic owl should be used for.

An assistant at the pharmacy explained that the remedy is made from the feathers and is used to treat characteristics acquired from owls such as insomnia. I was also assured that I would need a prescription in order to get this owl medication and would not be able to purchase it over the counter. However after the conversation we successfully managed to get hold of some.

As ever, it is important to point out that no homeopathic remedy has ever been proven to be an effective treatment against any medical condition.

To listen to the full conversation play the video below:

This ask for evidence story was written by Michael Marshall, Project Director at the Good Thinking Society.

Michael’s Ask for Evidence has appeared in the Daily Mirror. The Good Thinking Society are campaigning against the NHS funding homeopathy.

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