Guide: Making Sense of Nuclear

A lot of the debate about nuclear power is economic: about whether subsidies for this part of the energy sector would come at the expense of others, whether energy infrastructure should be subsidised at all and whether specific proposals for new nuclear plants make sense. Some people are no doubt concerned by this alone. But nuclear power has a legacy of suspicion attached to it, which in the past gave rise to some claims about safety that have turned out not to be true, but which continue to influence discussions about the options, economic or otherwise. The industry and governments haven’t typically in the past been very open on the detail of nuclear installations. That is why we got together with a group of scientific organisations to produce this guide and try to bring discussions up to date.

This guide was produced by Snese About Science in collaboration with Energy for Humanity, Institute of Physics, the University of Manchester Dalton Nuclear Institute, National Nuclear Laboratory. Published: 28 June 2017

To read the summary and download Making Sense of Nuclear, click here.

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