Staying indoors because of air pollution...?

Claim made by: The Guardian
Location: The Guardian Online,
Spotted on: 2017-02-20

Air pollution in London is dangerous and when levels are particularly high we should stay indoors.

'Researchers at King’s College London (KCL) have recently confirmed that high levels of toxic air particles from traffic and combustion are associated with an increase in hospitalisations and deaths from heart and lung disease in children and younger adults' and 'on days when air pollution is very high [...] it may be preferable to stay indoors' - how dangerous is air pollution in London? If researchers have found that bad health is associated with (does this mean they cannot conclude it is caused by) air pollution - why aren't we all wearing masks/ making significant changes? It's a very extreme statement of the guardian to recommend to stay indoors - will workplaces/ accept high pollution levels as a reason not to come in? And how do we know when air pollution is very high?

Update 2017-02-20

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