Powerful peoples claims still need to be substantiated by objective science

Claim made by: Simon Wessley, Peter White, Trudi Chalder, Michael Sharpe
Location: Wessley et al repeat their claim in many forums BUT never addresses the flaws and faults in the trial or provide any OBJECTIVE evidence of physcial/physiological measures to support or refute their claims.
Spotted on: 2017-03-02

Simon Wessley et al claim that GET and CBT are safe and effective for people with ME/CFS - and that the PACE trial found GET and CBT to be effective. 1/ Appendix 2 of the follow up paper demonstrated that CBT and GET are not effective, as did the objective data - 6 minute walking test. 2/ detailed data on the safety of GET and CBT has NOT been released. The post exertional exacerbation of symptoms caused by exertion in people with ME/CFS means that the harm does NOT show up while the person is at the clinic but rather 2-3 days later. Trial participants advise that they were harmed. Trial participants also advise that their daily resting heart rate deteriorated die to participating in the trial. There appears to be no objective evidence for the claims made by Simon wessley et al. The strong beliefs of a cohort of mental health professionals, with little scientific basis and in fact claims that OBJECTIVE data should not be collected are at odds with scientific progress. The fact this cohort of medical professionals hold positions of power and have been able to "hood wink" the UK medical establishment does not make their claims true.

Update 2017-03-02

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