Oils, vaccinations, and... everything

Claim made by: My daughter's mother
Location: My daughter's mother

I have some very common topics to ask about, and I can find mountains of evidence by googling..... BUT I guess that would make me a hypocrite since thats what the person I'm arguing with does to find these stories.... I have contacted Doctor friends who have been helpful, but their info comes from medical journals that I don't have access to nor do I claim to understand fully, as I am not a Doctor or a scientist.
So- Vaccines.... Antibiotics...... Depression is caused by inflammation not serotonin levels or any other chemical.... and the big one right now is the "fact" that essential oils cure pretty much everything.
I was even told "OFF THE RECORD" that this woman CURED CANCER!! The claim here was that this man had 3 lumps on him.... one on his neck and one on his side... the other was on his butt, so thats the one they used as a "control" she rubbed oils on his neck and side and those tumors shrank 50% in a matter of a week or 2, yet the one on his butt grew 50%!... They rubbed oil on his butt from then on and within 2 months ALL THE CANCER WAS GONE!!.....
Why is this woman not a Billionaire... I don't know

Now, let me tell you why I'm concerned. My ex/ and mother of my daughter has been taken under the wing of a DoTerra guru salesperson. I have been invited to her home to be lectured at by this woman on how she and her family live in "robust immunity", and that vaccinations cause literally EVERYTHING! (autism Alzheimers cancer... even my herniated discs in my back can be traced to vaccinations)... I wouldn't care AT ALL if this was simply an ex... But she is feeding this information to our 3 year old. This is where I take offense and I feel like this is dangerous.
I was wondering if anyone could point me to any articles that summarize this stuff so I can fight back without sounding like a "sheep" as THEY say.

Update 2017-03-22

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