Evidence for Prostap pre-cycle for endo sufferers

Claim made by: Birmingham Women's Hospital
Location: Birmingham Women's Hospital
Spotted on: 2017-04-03

My ivf consultant is recommending 3 months of Prostap to 'calm down' my endometriosis before my next cycle. I've not been told how much this may increase my chances and am concerned about long term effects e.g. bone thinning, more autoimmune issues or a worsening of my endometriosis afterwards, as well as adding another 3 months before we try again.

What is the evidence that Prostap helps IVF success? In my case I have grade 3 Endo in the pouch of Douglas and suspected adenomyosis. I've done 2 IVFs, one fail, one early miscarriage, I am 39.
Thank you

Update 2017-05-13

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