Image of British Isles made up of people standing representing net migration to the UK, and claims on the right

Net migration to the UK and the impact of the EU on this

Claim made by: Dean Milliken, UKIP candidate for Welwyn Hatfield
Location: Election leaflet
Spotted on: 2017-06-02

Net migration has risen by more than 1.8 million people since Theresa May became Prime Minister.

Theresa May is committed to spending £14bn on foreign aid

The European Court of Human Rights stops the United Kingdom from deporting criminals and terrorists, and makes the UK pay compensation to them.

Under the Cameron-Clegg, Cameron and May governments, £50bn has been spent on EU membership fees.

20,000 police officers and 30,000 soldiers have lost their jobs under the Cameron-Clegg, Cameron and May governments.

Update 2017-06-02

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