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Turmeric+ Claims

Claim made by: FutureYou
Location: I saw in The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 1 August 2017 issue.
Spotted on: 2017-08-01

I am an avid reader of The Daily Telegraph. In today's issue, I saw the following bold claims being made by an advertisement of the product called Turmeric+ which is sold by the company FutureYou:

• Olympic physiotherapists and premier league football coaches are now recommending turmeric as the best way to keep the body’s joints in lifelong order.
• Used to reduce risk of inflammation and treating damaged joints without the problems caused by standard over-the-counter painkillers.
• Scientists noticed that populations with high intakes of turmeric as a curry spice have lower rates of arthritis and joint damage.
• Scientific studies found that turmeric works by interrupting the chemical pathways and signalling mechanisms involved in inflammation and arthritis.
• Tumeric+ is supported by Cambridge scientists.
• The combination they use now has 22 published clinical research papers to confirm its effect, is 30 times better absorbed or ‘biodeliverable’ than natural turmeric alone.
• Long term studies are expected to show that Turmeric+ formulation is the most effective treatment for joint health currently available.

I would like to see some sort of evidence for these claims. Thank you.

Update 2017-08-01

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