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Spotted on: 2019-05-01

The company marketing 'Silicawater' in the UK made a number of health claims for the product, and also made statements about the role of aluminium in various diseases. I asked for evidence on the following claims:
• Everyday exposure to aluminium is toxic.
• There is a definitive link between aluminium accumulation and neurological conditions.
• Silica water removes aluminium.
• Removal of aluminium with silica water is beneficial to health
• That silica water can help patients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS and people who are autistic.

The owner of the Company was happy to discuss the matter on e-mail and I asked him to update the claims to reflect the evidence. The evidence did not support the claims,and is based on the work of one scientist (whose work has been disputed). Some changes were made, but the core claims remained. I then reported the ads to the Advertising Standards Authority, who ruled them to be in breach and informed me they would work with the advertiser to make the adverts compliant with the ASA Code. If they do not do this, enforcement action is taken by Trading Standards. The web site has since been updated.

Update 2019-07-30

The Company was unable to provide evidence that aluminum toxicity is an issue for the general population, or that the water could treat diseases. They were friendly and did make some changes, but it was clear they were sticking to the claims.

The web site has been changed following intervention from the Advertising Standards Authority.


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